Good Eats: Mission Chinese Food, LES

We never would've ventured into this hidden treasure on our own. Ever. From the outside, Mission Chinese Food looks like the dingiest of the dingy chinese takeout places. But thanks to Francis from Feed Me NY, we hit up Mission Chinese and we've been craving it ever since.

From the outside this place looks downright scary, but once inside the waiter leads you down a long alley into a back room where the place is decorated with an amazing chinese dragon (see above) and paper lanterns with rap blasting from the speakers.

We started with the steamed amaranth greens in walnut miso which, though sounding very hipster, was also very delicious. We also dined on the waitress' recommendations- Kung Pao Pastrami and Beef Brisket with Chinese Broccoli in Smoked Oyster Sauce. We'll leave it to Francis to describe the amazing complex flavors and culinary details, but all we know is that our meal was absolutely delicious. We literally can't wait to go back. Don't judge a book by it's cover and head to Mission Chinese Food one day soon, you won't be disappointed.

Mission Chinese Food

154 Orchard Street (btw Stanton and Rivington Streets)

Lower East Side, NYC