Alpine Tradition at Museum St. Anton

Though St. Anton as it stands today is full of relatively new construction, the town has been around for a long time. Originally a farm town, the alpine village was reinvented as a ski resort through the 20th century with little left that would remind you of its heritage. To get a glimpse of what St. Anton previously looked like, you can head over to the museum near the center of town.

Situated on the second floor of a formerly private residence and now a fine dining restaurant, the museum covers the town's roots through present day traditions like Der Weiss Rauche- a ski race where hundreds of intoxicated participants, ski, hike and battle to be the first down the mountain. On display are old photographs, historical skis and models of architectural landmarks. Take a look at the pictures below, and if you happen to visit St. Anton, take some time away from your Stiegl beer and study up!