Sci-fi for the Slopes - The Oakley Airwave Goggle

Full disclosure: I'm a ski junkie.  It's probably the only sport I would call myself 'good' at, and once a year I take a week out my life to spend some time in the mountains.  On that note, have you ever played,  or at least seen, a snowboarding video game like SSX?  The screen tells you all sorts of cool information as you play- what your altitude is, how fast you're going, what direction you're facing and even what song you're listening to when the music changes.  At this point you probably know where I'm going with this but Oakley has just released a set of goggles called Airwave that gives you all that and more.

I can't think of a product I've seen in the last year that has me more excited.  The Oakley Airwave Goggles sync with your Bluetooth phone (iPhone and Android compatible) to tell you what music you're listening to, to let you answer calls and to see text messages as they come in.  The technical information is all there too- speed, altitude, direction and even GPS tracking.  All the information is displayed inside the goggles in a heads-up-display (HUD) interface.  You'll be able to know where and how you're boarding like never before.  All this good stuff is controlled with a simple wrist band which can also clip to the goggles.

Of course optics are top notch as well.  The lenses come in Stealth (low to mid light, high contrast) and Iridium (mid to bright light) and are easily interchangeable.  The ventilation system is designed to keep the slopes visible at all times and the band is soft and forgiving.  If I sound excited it's because I am SO excited.  These should be on sale today on

, Oakley stores and Apple Sores for $599.  Somebody grab me a pair for my birthday please!