Photographer Focus: Fabrizio Mingarelli

When in Rome, take great photos. Fabrizio, hailing from the ancient city, obviously knows what to do with a camera. Although I chose his self portrait as the main photo for this post, he definitely has a knack for landscape photography. He sets the scene flawlessly, often portraying people in his photos, which turn out as still-lives instead of portraits. His point of view is really unique, capturing quiet, simple moments in time beautifully, elevating a perfectly normal everyday scene to art.

Check out some of his work here, and more in his

online portfolio

. Learn a bit more about the artist by reading a quick Q&A below.


 Rome, Italy. 

favorite camera

 Mh I don’t know, I had a pentax k1000, it’s an amazing camera. 

random fact about yourself

 I study architecture in Rome and I’m about to finish my studies. I have a dog named Artù. 

favorite subject matter to shoot 

I definitely love shooting people, friends and unknown ones . I have a lot of photographs of landscapes, city sceneries, everyday things (unmade beds, empty rooms and other stuff), I like that kind of subjects too. 

photographers you admire

Corinne Day, Hedi Slimane, Ryan Mcginley, Lina Scheynius, but I can say many others. 

what makes a great photo

 I usually answer light to this question, a particular kind of light can help for sure to drive the feeling to everyone is watching the picture. It can make the difference, I’m sure. 

what makes a terrible photo

 All that vintage effects made with Photoshop and softwares like that, like lomo effects or polaroid frames to digital photographs. Come on people stop using these useless effects, analog cameras or polaroids are made just for this. 

why do you love photography

 It’s easy and it’s one of the quicker way to express myself and drive a particular feeling. It’s all about instinct and moment inspiration and this is all I care about. 

do you do any other art? 

Mh I use to paint sometimes, but it’s not so good what come out.