Fine Print: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Graphic Novel

When I was a lot younger I used to be really into comics from Japanese manga like Dr. Slump to American classics like X-Men. I not only made regular trips to the local comic shop, but my comics were carefully stored in plastic bags with cardboard backing.  I'm not very familiar with the comic scene anymore, but when I heard that

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

by Stieg Larsson was being adapted as a graphic novel, I had to get my hands on it.

The dark murder mystery starring anti-hero Lisbeth Salander makes for a perfect comic translation.  Even after reading all of the books and seeing the movies, I'm still excited to read through yet another adaptation.  Though it's only on book one, the artists and writers involved are veterans of the comic scene do an awesome job of portraying Larsson's gritty and some times scary novel through illustration and dialogue.  You can buy the hardcover at your local book store or comic shop for $19.99.