Art Show on Broadway Presented by Dacia Gallery

One night, 60+ artists, drinking and dancing. This will all happen on November 17th at a huge art party being put on by Dacia Gallery of the LES.

The owners of the gallery have been inundated with talent, so they decided to commission a one night only show housed in a huge space (42,000 square feet, to be exact) on Broadway between Houston and Bleecker. All art sold that night will be commission-free, and the artists don't even have to pay to rent the space. The exhibitors were chosen through an online submissions process, and include sculpture by Christophe Piallat (above), paintings by Aleksander Betko (below), photography from Jada Fabrizio (see below) and a ton of other artists. Given total artistic freedom, each artist will be allowed to present their works any way they wish in their designated space. Party it up, down a few drinks, and discover some new talent while you're at it. Learn more about the event here.

Art Show on Broadway

623 Broadway, November 17

3 - 7pm, Free

Reception 7-10pm, $10

After Party 10-3am, $20