Westward Leaning Mercury Seven Clear Sunglasses

We met Westward Leaning at Capsule NY a few months back, and now giving you a look at their newest frame update- the clear version of the Mercury Seven.  Westward Leaning makes use of one frame style with an endless combination of colors and lenses to create a number of distinct models.  Each of the frames features a unique material inlay in the arms which ties into an organization or charitable cause.  From the purchase of a pair of sunglasses, a donation will be given to the cause associated with that model.  The result is great style benefiting a number of great causes.

The original Mercury Seven style used a black frame with an aluminum inlay.  The updated style continues to use aluminum, but changes the frames to a matte clear gray finish with three possible lenses.  We love that the matte finish is darker than the clear frames used by brands like Oakley and the blue lenses have a subtle mirror finish.  The cause is one of our favorites as well- The National Science Teachers Association.  So jump on Westward Leaning's website and scoop yourself a pair of the new Mercury Seven frames for $165.

Note: The frames below with grey and bronze frames below are updates to the Color Revolution style, which will be available soon for Fall/ Winter