SOLIFESTYLE Fits: Waiting Out the Storm

Paul is wearing a Rick Owens leather jacket, a Uniqlo x Undercover t-shirt, SILENT drop crotch shorts, Wizzard wingtip boots and a Marc Jacobs knit hat.

This week's outfit post is Hurricane Sandy inspired- all black.  Kind of like the sky looks right now as I am typing this.  I've gotten really into the layered and somewhat gothic look that Rick Owens is known for over the past two months.  Along with that goes shorts and pants layered with leggings (meggings?) and of course boots.  So my outfit has a little bit of high meets low fashion to get the look.  Uniqlo for the legs and shirt, and some higher end pieces for the rest of the look.  The stand out piece is the Rick Owens washed calf Intarsia jacket, the quality is out of this world, not to mention the cut, both of which make this one of my favorite pieces of clothing.

Hope you're all surviving the storm ok! Until next time.