Power Racing Series: Kids Toys Made Dangerous

I've been to a few car races in my life but I've never witnessed a power wheels race.  There's a first for everything though, and this past weekend I stood trackside as modified power wheels sports mini-cars raced by on a damp track.  If it was Formula 1, they would have had the green intermediate tires on, but it wasn't... so there were fender benders and crashes as the cars slid through the turns in the wet at 20mph (really fast for tiny, unbalanced plastic vehicles).  The event was exhilarating, amusing and a really good time.

Throughout the day, Power Racing Series teams, hailing from around the country, tweaked, raced and repaired their vehicles and competed in a series of races around a custom sized track track including a drag race and a 75-minute endurance challenge.  The cars themselves were a model of efficiency created to run only on electricity with a budget less than $500 and were able to go very fast despite their small size and motors.  Take a look at pictures of the fierce competition below.