Tigers and Lincoln's Blood @ Keens Steakhouse NYC

Part museum, part restaurant Keens has been a gathering place for famous NYCers for years as evidenced by the paintings, newspapers and clay pipes that adorn the midtown restaurant.

While the entrance to Keens is as unassuming as it gets, your initial sense of boredom all changes with a step through the door and you realize how much history is hidden inside.  Oh, and then there's the food.  When I was told the t-bone steak was a whopping 26oz hunk of meat, I almost fell of my seat.  Seeing my surprise the waiter responded that at Keens, 'we don't play around,' and that's true of everything on their menu, from salads to deserts, everything was excellent.

Even when we were done eating we spent a bit of time wandering around the restaurant to see artifacts like newspapers from the early 1900s, a copy of the Gettysburg address stained with Lincoln's blood and pipes smoked by a number of early 20th century presidents. We were also super impressed by the amazingly realistic and huge Tiger painting below by American artist Alexander Pope. Check out all of the photos from our night out at Keens below.