Penny Cleaning & Cacti Costumes @ the LIC Block Party

We don't spend much time in Long Island City but when we do, there better be a guy in a cactus costume serenading us.  Thankfully there was; and that wasn't the only fun thing there. The LIC block party had everything from a park installed inside an old trailer, to a service to clean your pennies, to a guy wearing only self-crochetted items. There were also an awesome array of vendors on site selling jewelry, custom tees, and old school board games.

The LIC Block Party was presented by the Purves Street Block Association and the Long Island City Sculpture Center (which you should definitely check out) and was a whole mess of fun from food to shopping to live performances, we wish something like this would pop up in our neck of Queens! Check out the pics below.

Materials for the Arts

, an awesome org that donates art supplies to public schools in NYC 

Bits & bobs by


Overheating in a cactus costume for the sake

The penny cleaning service.

Inappropriate crocheted creations from


Ol' timer games from

Fredericks & Mae