Nike Flyknit Collective myThread Pavilion at Nike Stadium Bowery

We all know how I feel about the Nike Flyknit sneakers (that they're the best shoes ever). So it's fitting for SOLIFESTYLE that we run a story on the Nike Flyknit Collective installation at Nike Stadium Bowery.  The relatively unknown Nike location in NYC, which is usually used for customizing various pieces of apparel including the Destroyer varsity jacket, has been converted into an interactive sculpture and exhibit on the design and technology of the kicks.

While the majority of the space has been transformed with a sculpture called myThread Pavilion by architectural designer Jenny Sabin, a whole wall is now dedicated to a history of the Nike Flyknit HTM releases with a sample of each shoe on hand so you can be jealous that you didn't get a pair.  Also on display is a pair of the upcoming Flyknit HTM Chukkas which look equally amazing.  Check out the photos below.