Hang With Techies at #Startupfix This Tuesday

If you're into tech things and are interested in learning about some cool startups this week, you should head over to Culturefix- a restaurant, bar and gallery space on the Lower East Side.  As part of the event called #Startupfix three up and coming technology companies will be in house to demo their projects and then hangout.  The event is a great chance to meet some people in the industry (the attendee list includes people from DISQUS, Conde Nast and Amazon Local) and spend some time chilling and drinking at a gallery.

Check out some information about the companies who will be demoing below, and grab your tickets


(a $10 ticket includes two drinks and a chance to win some

Beats headphones



 - A social networking experience revolving around fitness, you join, earn points for your activities and level up by doing things in real life.  If I had known I could treat life like a video game I would have had more fun in middle school sports all those years ago!


 - Need help planning your move? Anybody in NYC knows that moving happens way too often and is a pain in the butt.  Updater helps you sort through all your tasks, address changes and offers discounts for moving services.

Burn Note

 - Private messaging... no, really. Each message you send through the service can only be viewed once before it is wiped clean off of Burn Note's servers.  So relax, you can chat about your boss all you want without him possibly knowing.

#Startupfix at Culturefix

Tuesday, September 25th at 7:30pm

9 Clinton Street (below Houston St.)

Lower East Side, NYC