Florence and the Machine - Ceremonials Tour Review

One of our most played albums of 2012 has been Florence and the Machine's Ceremonials.  So when tickets went on sale for her fall tour a number of months ago, they were purchased.  This week, the long wait for the show ended and SOLIFESTYLE was able to see Florence and The Machine live at Nikon at Jones Beach here in New York.

After the opening act, The Maccabees, who were pretty darn good, finished their opening set, a ghostly pale Florence Welch took the stage in a flowing black and gold dress.  Her talents were undeniable. She proceeded to impress with her soaring vocals, making her way through songs both old and new.  The Machine too was really impressive, creating a musical experience closer to orchestra than band.  Overall the concert was amazing, but too short.  Clocking at just over one and a half hours (including the two encores) I wish there was more, but then again, I'd rather have the concert end too quickly then be looking at my watch wondering when it will end.

If you're a fan, you should try to catch Florence on the remaining dates of her tour where she will be supported by The Maccabees, The Weeknd or both!