Cool Cravings & Hot Startups at Openhouse NYC

This past weekend Openhouse put a spin on the usual food related pop up by not only offering some tasty treats but by bringing in guest speakers to discuss what it takes to make it as an upstart company in New York City.  The result was something out of an academic desert lover's dream.  In the front of the space local restaurants and vendors were serving organic ice creams and chocolates while out back in the garden of 379 Broome, guest moderators from now famous start ups chatted about things like social media and packaging design.

Among the desserts being served the Thai iced tea ice cream and mangosteen sorbet (above) were out of this world and the chocolate from NibMor wasn't too shabby either.  Check out the pics of the event below- as you can see the event was packed with people escaping the heat and downing their end of summer woes.

Totally arroy (delicious) Thai themed desserts at the



Clean Plates

guide to sustainable, healthy restaurants in NYC

Organic vegan chocolate by


Quenching our thirst with naturally flavored

hint water

The guys from

Soft Serve Fruit Co.

serving up dairy & gluten free iced treats

Learning about launching a start-up in the backyard garden

Wellness in the Schools

inspiring healthy eating, environmental awareness & fitness in NYC's public schools