The NYC Unicycle Festival Exists and Takes Place This Weekend

In what might be the dorkiest coolest event ever, one-wheeled wonders are set to invade NYC this weekend for the NYC Unicycle Festival. Today kicks off the festival with a long distance unicycle ride (13 miles) that goes from Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge and out to Coney Island.

The main events are being held on Saturday and Sunday on Governors Island, and include unicycle basketball & hockey games, which are sure to be entertaining. There will also be a "Hell on Wheel(s)" course for crazy people to practice their extreme unicycle riding. Hopefully unicycle noobs won't attempt the course, because there is definitely no hospital on Governors Island.

So if you see a troupe of unicycles crossing the Brooklyn Bridge tomorrow or attempting extreme stunts, you know why.  To learn more about the NYC Unicycle Festival, visit their

official site