Nick Walker Paints Hendershot Gallery for (Re)Print

As Hendershot Gallery's (Re)Print exhibit enters its final weeks, famed street artist Nick Walker dropped by to put his touch on the show.  Outside the Lower East Side space, Nick spent several hours painting the service entrance to the gallery with his iconic English gentleman character.  The piece uses primarily black with hints of orange and shows the gentleman tucking a spray can back into his jacket.

Having added his work to the gallery, Nick Walker brings his prolific style to an already great show which includes artists like ASVP, Chris Stain, The Yok and Icy & Sot.  Walker has been painting in his mixed stencil and freehand style for many years and has been involved in the street art scene since the early 80s.  Check out photos of Mr. Walker's work on Hendershot's exterior below.