Naked & Famous S/S 2013 Denim Collection

Since their founding,

Naked & Famous

has established themselves in the industry not only as a manufacturer of quality raw denim but also as an innovator- producing some of the most unique and, well, entertaining models of jeans over the years.  Their upcoming S/S 2013 collection is no different, you can expect traditional Japanese selvedge denim alongside special chambray styles, scratch and sniff denim, and even jeans lined in vintage porn (see below)!

At Capsule NY, Naked and Famous showed off their latest creations (the N&F office must be filled with mad scientists).  We saw jeans that glow in the dark, denim that was neither left nor right handed twill creating a checkered pattern, and of course their new vintage porn jeans.  The porn jeans are lined in classy vintage photographs of naked women (no full frontal nudity. don't get TOO excited) and have a special patch instead of the regular leather Naked and Famous cartoon girl.

The craziest denim of all this season though, was the heat sensitive variety.  When the jeans increase in temperature due to body heat they change colors from blue to white, making the jeans look faded.  In principle the idea is great, but I can only imagine what they'll look like on a hot sweaty summer day.  Better stay in the AC!  Take a look at the jeans below and lookout for the collection to arrive in spring 2013.