Colin Huggins: The Crazy Piano Guy

He goes by the monicker 'The Crazy Piano Guy' but Colin Huggins seems like a more pleasant individual than 98% of New Yorkers, most of whom could actually be considered insane in one way or another.  So what's Colin's deal?  He came to New York City to be a professional pianist but wanted to do what he loved in a more fulfilling way so he dragged his piano out to a public space and started playing.

We came across Colin Huggins in Washington Square Park where he usually sets up on weekends.  Cooly, he announced the title and composer of each musical score and played each score with skill, immune to the distractions and obnoxious people (like ourselves) taking photographs.  Not only are his casual outdoor concerts free to experience but they're a really nice way to relax in an incredibly hectic city.  Check out his website and stop by Washington Square Park to catch him on weekends.