(Re)Print Street Artist Murals inside Hendershot Gallery

Hendershot Gallery on Manhattan's Lower East Side has hosted a comprehensive street art show called (Re)Print for the past few months.  On the ground level of the gallery you can see work by some of NYC's best emerging and established artists in a more fine art format- on canvas and archival paper.  But if you sneak down the steps to the gallery's basement level what you'll see is a colorful display of huge murals by ASVP, Icy & Sot, The Yok and more. 

The basement murals of the (Re)Print show represent the type of work pasters, stencilers and sprayers can do when they are working without the constraints of time, location and of course the police.  The results are detailed, bright and super well executed and should be a must see for any graffiti or street art fan in the city.  Check out the photos of Hendershot Gallery's basement below, and make sure to stop by before the show closes on August 18th.