1xRun: Affordable Limited Edition Prints

We've definitely mentioned it a couple times before in our posts, but 1xRun is a really cool website that does flash sales of limited edition prints.  It works exactly the same way as other time-released sale sites: each print has a scheduled time when it becomes available for sale, and at that point you can shop until they're sold out or the sale ends.  The art comes from contemporary artists from both traditional fine art and street art backgrounds and each print comes signed, numbered and with a certificate of authenticity.

We've been following the site for a while now and we've seen great prints from artists like Tilt, ASVP, N.C. Winters and Katsu.  On certain occasions the original art that the prints are derived from are also available for sale, but you better act super quickly on those.  Drop by 1xRun's


and check it out for yourself, it's a great way to get your contemporary art collection started at a very reasonable price.