Luminous Opera Presented by Con Artist

Get ready for the most New York thing ever - an art show taking place in a Lower East Side basement.  It's a pretty cool experience to walk down into the metal cellar doors you usually avoid walking on because they might break and send you falling to your death (or at least injuring your ankle).

This past week Rachael Senchoway presented her most recent work with

Con Artist

, an underground (literally) collective of artists that operate out of a space located in the depths of the LES. In her show, called Luminous Opera, Ms. Senchoway presented a series of pieces that re-contextualize and distort traditional images and themes. Her work, which she admits is a total departure from her usual style, presents Victorian imagery with a modern, vibrant twist. She uses bold graphics, glitter, and bright colors to update traditional kitschy Rococo-style subject matter. Check out Rachael's paintings below, and learn more about Con Artist



Con Artist Gallery

119 Ludlow Street (between Rivington and Delancey)

Lower East Side, Manhattan

Rachael Senchoway with her work