Haculla at the Dream Hotel Downtown

Though it's been up for a while, we finally stopped by the Dream Hotel Downtown's loading dock and snapped some photos of street artist Haculla's transformation of the space.  Despite the glaring looks from the security guards were were able to capture (almost) all of the artwork which features the blend of spray and wheat pasting that has come to define the work of Harif Guzman.

As we understand it the loading dock is also an entrance to the hotel's nightclub which explains why such cool work would be commissioned in such a place. True to his style, Haculla has covered the walls with defaced pop culture imagery like a photo of Coco Chanel and some pics of models along with some more abstract spray work like the 'leave me alone' face below.

Check out more pictures below, and drop by the loading dock on 16th Street near 9th Avenue in Manhattan to see it for yourself.