For Humankind Pop Up at Openhouse NYC

For all the talk we hear every day about 'green' it was a fun experience to get hands on with some green tech, as well as some other cutting-edge sustainable technology at the For Humankind exhibit presented this past weekend by Bing and Big Think.  For the two day event, Openhouse in Soho was transformed into a place of discovery for things that you probably didn't know existed.  I got hands on with algae, was told by a camera that I was 0% happy and 19% angry (New York must be getting to me) and saw soccer balls that generate electricity!

Exhibitors came from companies like Hux (the company that helps put together TED), Plant-in City (whose goal is to create green cities) and Open Source Ecology (which provides low cost platforms for the fabrication of industrial machines).  Basically, For Humankind was a wonderful opportunity to learn.  See photos from the event below and visit Openhouse Gallery's website for a complete list of event attendees.

A display by Kimetric, which analyzed my mood, sex, and age range just by taking a photo

An architectural planter by Plant-In City, and power producing pelotas from Soccket