Exploring ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Carpet & Home

is where Alice in Wonderland would shop to decorate her NYC apartment.

The humongous space is packed with the most unique and cool home decor I've ever seen.  If the thought of home decorating hasn't got you excited, don't worry, they have an amazing jewelry and fashion section, as well as a relatively new bath and body department.  The multi-level paradise is full of brands I've never heard of, so of course I want to buy and try everything they carry... immediately! The buying team for this place definitely has one of the most exciting jobs imaginable.

A recent addition to the massive store is the restaurant, ABC Kitchen, which was created in part by celebrity chef Jean-Georges and was named best new restaurant of 2011 by the James Beard Foundation.  The eatery must have been a necessity because you can literally spend hours wandering through this place and only get through one floor. I'd recommend setting aside at least half a day to properly explore the place, and I guarantee you'll find something amazing.  Whether your wallet will appreciate it or not, might be a whole different story.

ABC Carpet & Home

888 & 881 Broadway

New York City

ABC Kitchen, an already award winning restaurant created by Jean-Georges