Crest Fest 2012 and The Crest Hardware Art Show Recap

WARNING: LOTS OF AWESOME AHEAD.  This past weekend was the start of the 2012 edition of the Crest Hardware Art Show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The all day opening party, known as Crest Fest raged hard and featured drinks, vendors, food to eat and of course lots of great artwork on display and for sale.

It was our first time at the Crest Art Show so we were surprised in a very good way to find that the hardware store itself was a venue for a large portion of the artwork which was hidden amongst the sandpaper and nestled between paint cans for attendees to discover.  Outside in the garden, larger pieces were camouflaged into the surroundings really making the experience like an urban art safari.

A young and hip crowd came out in force for the Crest Fest party, and with good reason.  DJs were staying cool in a tented area despite the near 100 degree heat, and rockers, like the all girl Japanese band Hard Nips (hell yes that's their name), were kicking ass and taking names at the stage out back. Take a look at all of the great art and happenings from the opening party and make sure to drop by The 2012 Crest Hardware Art Show at 558 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg until August 31st to see all of the work!