Chari & Co. Olympic Team USA Six Panel Cap

This past weekend very little was accomplished except for watching as much of the Summer Olympics in London as possible.  In fact, I might even deserve a medal for my skills at flipping between the five channels showing the games to make sure I caught every fencing riposte, badminton shuttlecock change and beach volleyball kill within a 48 hour period. Just sayin.

If you've got Olympic fever like me, you might want to get yourself an item that screams, "HELL YES USA!" like this sweet

Chari & Co.

six panel cap.  Not only does it feature USA lettering, an embroidered American flag and a subtle tonal screen of various events but it comes with your own gold medal! When you're wearing this hat nothing can stop you from winning.  Snag it today in store or


from Chari & Co. for $75.