Brunch Time at Allswell in Brooklyn

I don't often eat brunch, but when I do, I want a soundtrack of hip hop favorites, strong cocktails and homemade french fries.  Thank you Allswell for giving me all three.  The Brooklyn restaurant known for its ever-changing menu and tasty gastropub food certainly doesn't drop the ball on the weekend's best meal either.

Located on Bedford Avenue just above of all the bustle at N. 6th, Allswell serves up eats and drinks in a space that feels like home- with lots of dark wood, fun mismatched wallpaper and a big communal table surrounded by a couple smaller ones.  Their egg sandwich served on a homemade hamburger roll with giant seasoned french fries has set my expectations a bit too high for the next time I opt for the same meal in another restaurant.  Check out the photos below.


124 Bedford Avenue (between N. 10th and N. 11th Streets)

Williamsburg, Brooklyn