Brand Watch: Westward Leaning Sunglasses

Producing only one frame is a strange proposition for an eyewear company, but

Westward Leaning

has managed do do it extremely well.  Though only in their first season, the San Francisco based company is producing ten styles of high end sunglasses with top-grade acetate and CR39 lenses, the highest level of Japanese and American craftsmanship, and a social conscience.

Even though the design of the frame doesn't change, the finish, the lenses, and most importantly the materials inlaid on the side do.  Those materials are the most exciting part of Westward Learning is doing (aside from the fact that the glasses look awesome of course), because each material used has a story behind it and also relates to a charity that the particular style of sunglasses supports.

While we were talking with the WL team, we were particularly excited about the Louisiana Purchase and Color Revolution frames.  The Louisiana Purchases ($165) use recycled brass from musical instruments for the inlay and support an organization that allows Jazz musicians displaced by hurricane Katrina to travel and play for school children.  The Color Revolutions ($165) come in a stylish clear option and support Reporters Without Borders- an organization that protects journalists on the front lines of conflict zones around the world.

You can read more about all of the organizations that Westward Leaning supports as well as purchase the sunglasses on their