Woodstock Vision by Elliott Landy @ YellowKorner Gallery Recap

Last week we made our way to YellowKorner Gallery in Soho to check out Elliott Landy's show and book signing.  Before I go on about the incredible film concert photography that Landy hand on display from the world famous Woodstock festival in the 1960's, I wanted to first give a shout out to YellowKorner.  

In the past few years I must have walked by the space that YellowKorner occupies no less than 50 times without stopping in, but having now gone in and explored the space, I'd like to report that it is not only is it modern and well designed but the gallery's concept is also unique and awesome. YellowKorner makes a wide variety of photo prints available in limited runs at reasonable prices with a variety of customizable options.  The outcome is almost like working directly with an artist to get a personalized high quality photograph that's not only beautiful, but affordable.

When we visited YellowKorner we were surrounded by cool fashion, travel and urban photography, but the focus was on Elliott Landy, a photographer famous for capturing the Woodstock Festival in upstate New York.  Landy was signing his book,

Woodstock Vision,

and exhibiting some prints including some fascinating panoramas of the camp grounds and some more personal shots of musicians like Jimmy Hendrix.  He was even able to lend us some advice, "take lots of photos," he said, "I never considered myself a great photographer, just a great editor."  

Check out some photos of the event below including a picture of Landy himself with Stephane Brenot, the owner of YellowKorner.