Rave Night: HOLY BOS! Party in Bushwick

Did you watch last week's episode of HBO's Girls?  The one called 'Crackcident' where they go to a warehouse party in Brooklyn.  Do you want to go to a crazy warehouse party with hipsters, ravers, punks and everything in between in the depths of the BK?  One of those is happening this weekend it's called Drink Me, Eat Me details here.

But there's another party that sounds even cooler that starts tonight.  In the words of SNL's Stephan, "this party has everything," taking place in a 27,000 sq foot converted church, Holy BOS is 3 days and two nights of partying, music, food, yoga and a pleasant Sunday brunch if you can make it that far.  During the day there's art and film screenings but the fun seems to be at night... I mean who doesn't want to do sacrilege right by getting crazy in a church?!

what: Holy BOS - party, dance, shop, eat and experience for 3 days

where: A giant church aka Bushwick Open Studios @ 626 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn

when: All Weekend - June 1st to June 3rd, 2012