Nerd Lifestyle: Unboxing the Retina Macbook Pro 2012

My 2007 Macbook kicked the bucket in April and I waited 2 arduous months for Apple's major update to their Macbook Pro in early June.  Once it was ordered, it was another 2 weeks before arrival, but now that it's here the Retina Macbook Pro is everything I would ever want in a computer.

Waiting 5 years to change laptops means that using the newest Macbook incarnation was worlds different from my previous MBP in terms of speed, functionality and portability.  The Retina Macbook Pro makes use of Intel's new Ivy Bridge chips and incorporates an unbelievable high resolution retina display much like the new iPad 3.  The computer is so fast I can nerd out by running Diablo 3 on maximum settings, minimize the game and still use the computer completely normally. Amazing.

Apple has made the decision to remove the optical drive (CDs are so 1990s, it's all about the cloud) and add an SD card slot, HDMI Port and two Thunderbolt ports.  Because I'm primarily using the Macbook to edit photos and watch videos, these are changes that make this update really worth while for me, Apple is clearly forward looking and I appreciate that.  Did I mention that this computer is about half the thickness of my previous computer and has 3x the battery life?

I know, I know, as if Apple needs yet another person advertising their products for them... I just can't help myself it's the nicest computer I've ever used.  If you're in need of a new machine and are considering the Retina Macbook Pro, don't hesitate, DO IT.