Photographer Focus: Robert Nicolas

Usually, when I'm looking at a batch of my photos on the computer and realize some are blurry, I curse profusely. Robert Nicolas, however, uses blur and crazy light to his advantage, which make his images particularly interesting to look at. He presents mundane, urban life, and seems to focus in on solitary, lonely moments while traveling from place to place. I can really relate to a lot of subjects in his photos, being completely exhausted while on the train, by yourself, just thinking about anything and everything. He makes you look pay attention to these otherwise forgettable moments, and presents them in an extraordinary way. 

Check out some of Robert's work here, as well as on his


page. A brief Q&A with the artist is below, in which he talks about his unique background and what makes a great photo. 


Brussels, (Belgium) and Bangalore (India) 

favorite camera

Ricoh GRD2 for everyday (but Pentax K-7 for bad weather) 

random fact about yourself

Half Indian, half Belgian and grew up in the Middle East 

favorite subject matter to shoot

mundane urban life, details no one looks at… 

photographers you admire

Marie-Louise Peree who is a painter/ photographer from Brussels. 

what makes a great photo

Being deeply rooted in the instant! Forgetting everything around you and focusing on your subject. 

what makes a terrible photo

 trying too hard! Thinking too much… 

why do you love photography

Because it lets us share our visions and it helps us notice the beauty of every instant! 

do you do any other art?

I try to master the art of living ;)