A Bathing Ape x Comme des Garcons PLAY

Since Bape has already collaborated with every Japanese brand that remotely relates to streetwear, it doesn't really come as a surprise that Comme des Garcons is next on their hit list.  

Though PLAY is still relatively small in terms of their following in the United States, it has an absolutely massive fan base in Hong Kong (Bape's new home) and South East Asia.  In Thailand, where

solifestyle covered the CDG Play Store in Bangkok, the brand is so popular that you cannot walk down the street without seeing their iconic heart logo all over the place.  Details are scarce at this point but no doubt the hype will be monstrous.  Camo hearts?  Ape heads with PLAY eyes?  Will be sure to get our hands on some Bape x Comme des Garcons once the capsule collection releases for a full review.