Top 3 YouTube Beauty Gurus

These girls know their makeup. And they’re the reason why I’ve spent all of my money in the past few months on beauty products. They’ve inspired me to seriously spruce up my makeup routine, and now I’m hooked. Read more after the jump on what each one has to offer.

1: Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is hands down the most successful beauty guru on YouTube. With over a million subscribers and a voice that hypnotizes, it is easy to see why this girl is now sponsored by Lancome and has her own line of skincare products and makeup brushes ( Her videos are the most polished by far (it doesn’t hurt to be sponsored) and she sticks solely to beauty and skincare. Her tutorials are well put together and range from easy, everyday makeup to fantasy looks inspired by Lady Gaga and gothic Lolita dolls (a trend in Japan). She also has a slew of quick tip type videos; my personal favorite is how to make your own Biore-style pore strips ( It is very easy to see why her brand continues to grow.

2: Juicystar07

Juicystar07, aka Blair Fowler, does it all. Makeup tutorials, fashion, room tours, reviews…you name the tag, and she’s done it. This girl is fun to watch – she can ramble for days but you don’t get bored or overly annoyed, she really knows how to entertain. From her plethora of videos you can tell Juicystar07 is a talented makeup artist (of course, she’s learned a lot from her older sister, #3 on this list). Recognizing her talent and general appeal, Seventeen magazine has run many articles featuring her and her makeup tutorials and she is affiliated with Forever21. While her style tips tend to be questionable, her makeup tutorials are truly amazing and I expect this girls popularity will just continue to grow. I hope this beauty and fashion world she’s entering doesn’t suck the personality from her because I think that’s the reason why so many people are drawn to her and continue to watch her videos again and again.

Think you have a lot of makeup? Well, you don’t. Check out Juicystar07’s massive collection:

3: Allthatglitters21

Allthatglitters21, aka Elle Fowler, is Juicystar07’s older, less hyperactive sister. While she lacks a little bit of the endearing ADD of her little sister, she’s still great to watch because of her devotion and knowledge of all things beauty. Also, her videos are just a tad more subdued and professional than her sister’s. The main reason I watch her videos is because she has fair skin and blonde hair, so I know her tips will work for my coloring (or any of you with similar features). And of course, since she is a little older, I don’t feel quite as dorky watching her videos.

Runners Up


A really, really, painfully close runner up is Tiffany D. This girl seems really personable and takes a no-nonsense approach to her tutorials. I think whats holding her back from guru stardom is that her looks are a little too glamorous for everyday wear – nobody wants to pile on the makeup every single day. I think more natural, everyday looks would do her channel some good. This girl is the oldest of the group, so it is refreshing to watch her after watching a few too many “twilight inspired” tutorials.


This beauty gal is unique because she reviews a lot of asian skincare and makeup products, the downside of course is that many of these items are hard to find or have to be ordered online. She also needs to work on her descriptions of things (awesome and amazing are probably the two most common adjectives in her vocabulary). I do like her channel because it seems mostly review-based, which are my favorite category of videos to watch. It’s like shopping…but not spending any money! She also tends to ramble (not in a Juicystar07 kind of way) which makes her videos a little less entertaining than the others.