The Yok x Sheryo 'Pipe Dreams' Opening May 16th at Krause Gallery
We've seen a lot of cool pieces by The Yok and Sheryo around New York City and also through our , mark your calendars for the opening party on May 16th and check out the video below. Sheryo and The Yok - Pipe Dreams May 16th – June 16th 149 Orchard Street Lower East Side, NYC The Yok x Sheryo 'Pipe Dreams' Opening May 16th at Krause Gallery the yok arrive at Krause Gallery in mid May. Pipe Dreams will be The Yok and Sheryo's first solo exhibition
Con Artist Takes Over WiP Nightclub in Soho
for the night. The Yok's graffiti on WiP's entrance The main hallway of WiP lined with Con Artist below and drop by WiP every Wednesday this summer to check out the work before the party gets going cartoons covering the facade and stairway leading down to the Work in Progress basement. And it only that you might need to watch out for flying bottles as soon as you first see The Yok's spray painted
Nick Walker Paints Hendershot Gallery for (Re)Print
great show which includes artists like ASVP, Chris Stain, The Yok and Icy & Sot. Walker has been
(Re)Print Street Artist Murals inside Hendershot Gallery
display of huge murals by ASVP, Icy & Sot, The Yok and more. The basement murals of the (Re)Print show
Jeans!: Mastermind Japan x Levi's Fenom MM505 One Wash
selvedge edge on the right back pocket, crystal detailing on the left pocket and yoke and a non-traditional Levi's black leather patch and is adorned with Swarovski Crystals. The yoke of the jean also has a design made of Swarovski
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