OCMC iPhone Cases
One of our favorite street artists Oh Captain My Captain (OCMC) has come out with a more portable OCMC iPhone Cases ocmc
A Night with OCMC: Inside the World of a Street Artist
descendants. These people are real icons. When we walked through the front door of OCMC's apartment that OCMC was injured doing what he likes most, skating in an empty pool. His recovery was long, and A Night with OCMC: Inside the World of a Street Artist makes OCMC's work so cool- by putting up his work, he's elevating the parents and grandparents of Bugs, Aiko, Dain, C215, as well as early drafts of OCMC's own projects- a fitting backdrop for our teller. OCMC's street art is involved and deeply personal. His works, which primarily feature the ocmc
Oh Captain My Captain x Betty Street Art
OCMC for short. He told us an amazing story of how he got started in street art, by pasting photos of ocmc
New York Street Art: Oh Captain My Captain
street artist OCMC (Oh Captain My Captain) about a month ago and we've since encountered his artwork concept. Saddened by the death of his grandmother, OCMC painted and screened her photo and put the in several places in downtown NYC. OCMC's artwork is very cool, featuring old photographs cleaned ocmc
'Warhol is Mine' Show by OCMC @ L'asso NYC
by L'asso restaurant to check out some of OCMC's work. The exhibition entitled, Warhol is Mine newspapers for a very cool effect. Details below. Warhol is Mine by OCMC @ L'asso 192 Mott Street (at Kenmare Street) Nolita, NYC feature of street (and also gallery!) artist OCMC or Oh Captain My Captain next week here on ocmc 'Warhol is Mine' Show by OCMC @ L'asso NYC
Street Museum of Art Invites You To Participate in Documenting NYC's Street Art
) that you can write on and slap up next to your favorite piece by Faile, JR, OCMC, ASVP, or Kenny Scharf
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